Earlier in the news, this was already mentioned, but those news did not become any less sensational: Sony will not be at E3 2019. In general. No press conference, no booth, nothing. The exhibition in Los Angeles has been held for a quarter of a century, and the Japanese company will not be represented for the first time in any shape or form. Why is this happening, what is the reason for this strange precedent? Let’s try to understand or at least assume, starting with the most obvious options.

E3 dies anyway, so Sony acts in accordance with a trend.

Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Disney – all these large and significant companies recently chose to no longer participate directly in E3, but instead hold their own events. Sources say that the organization responsible for organizing the exhibition, ESA began to demand a lot of money for the opportunity to participate – that is why some companies chose to start something on their own.

Nevertheless, Electronic Arts holds an event precisely one day before E3, and in very close distance as well – literally five minutes on foot. Thus, in the collective consciousness of the public, this event acts as one with E3. However, Jennifer Clark, senior vice president of communications at PlayStation, said: “We will not hold any press conferences on the same date as Electronic Entertainment Expo.”

Sony’s largest exclusives will not be ready in 2019, and they have nothing to show

Since there will be no event from Sony at all (theoretically), we can assume that this is due to the lack of exclusive games. After several shifts, Days Gone should be out in April – long before the show. The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding and the Ghost of Tsushima do not even have an approximate release window yet.

It is known that Naughty Dog is not eager to show TLoU 2 before release. Kojima is also not going to reveal the intrigue: on the contrary, he just confused everyone who is waiting for Death Stranding. Sony is not used to showing the same thing many times in a row, so it’s possible that in the coming year there is no point in renting a huge property in Los Angeles or elsewhere.

Sony wants to get the PlayStation 5 storm effect after a lull

There is no point in denying: AMD has officially confirmed that the work on the consoles of the new generation is already in full swing, and with both Microsoft and Sony. The notorious “sources” – and in the field of gaming, they are to be beleived – claim that the Japanese company plans to launch the PlayStation 5 in 2020. Thus, Sony’s strategy is clear, at least in theory. Do not give empty promises, do not spend money in vain, do not show new trailers of long-announced projects.

But in the summer of 2020 – timpani, fanfare, blitzkrieg. The new generation console is announced, and in the coming Christmas holidays, a massive blow is being delivered to the consumer market. Perhaps this assumption sounds better than all previous ones.


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