Dota 2 became the leader among eSports disciplines regarding the total amount of prize money awarded in 2018. The total fund of all MOBA tournaments from Valve was more than $ 41 million. Out of these, 2018 only paid $ 25.5 million at The International – more than the entire CS: GO prize fund, which ranked second. Data provided by Esports Earnings.

Fortnite is the third highest payout eSport. The developers of Epic Games have only spent one-fifth of the $ 100 million that the company allocated to eSports in 2018–2019. The top ten ranking of cash prize payouts also include League of Legends, PUBG and four games from Blizzard. The last place in the list was taken by the Call of Duty shooter: WWII with $ 4.17 million total prize pool.

Top 10 disciplines for the prize fund in 2018:

  • Dota 2 – $ 41.26 million;
  • CS:GO – $ 22.47 million;
  • Fortnite – $ 19.96 million;
  • League of Legends – $ 14.12 million;
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – $ 6.73 million;
  • Overwatch – $ 6.7 million;
  • Heroes of the Storm – $ 6.52 million;
  • Hearthstone – $ 4.95 million;
  • StarCraft II – $ 4.53 million;
  • Call of Duty: WWII – $ 4.17 million

Steam has stopped support for Windows XP, Vista

I also want to mention that Since January 1, Steam online service from Valve has stopped supporting outdated operating systems. Among them are the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, and all macOS versions, which were released before OS X El Capitan. About this, the company warned in us in the past.

Termination of support means that the Steam client will not start on these operating systems. To use the service and the games purchased on it, you will have to install something more modern.

Of the possible reasons for this decision, we can note the fact that the new Steam features are based on the development of Google Chrome, and this browser has already ceased to support the outdated OSs. Besides, in the future, Steam will need security protocols, which are now present only in the new Windows versions.


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