The Game Awards is an annual award ceremony celebrating achievements in the computer games industry. The Game Awards is a large-scale show that attracts a lot of media attention and is held at the end of the calendar year. In addition to awarding game developers themselves, the ceremony includes music performances, performances by various figures from the gaming industry, announcements, and trailers of new games. The Game Awards is the successor to the Spike Video Game Awards ceremony, held annually from 2003 to 2013 under the patronage of Spike TV. The founder, producer and permanent presenter of The Game Awards is Canadian journalist and TV host Jeff Kayle, who for many years has served as the lead for the Spike Video Game Awards.

Traditionally, the award ceremony of the Spike Video Game Awards took place in December, before the start of the Christmas sales season – as opposed to another important event in the gaming industry, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, usually held in June; The Game Awards occupy this niche. In 2013, the Spike Video Game Awards show was renamed VGX (instead of the old VGA abbreviation) – its producers wanted to show the individual attention that the show is paying to the games and gaming platforms of the new generation. The sole VGX ceremony has been criticized as being overly commercial – presenter Jeff Kayle abandoned an advertising presentation rather than the presentation of prestigious awards and at the end of 2014 Spike TV announced the final closure of the project. When Spike TV’s plans to continue VGA / VGX is still uncertain, Kayle announced the establishment of a new ceremony to replace the Spike Video Game Awards.

Unlike the old game-oriented ceremony, The Game Awards pays much more attention to developers, computer games and e-sports players, as well as gaming communities. The show received support from the largest companies in the gaming market – Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, as well as other gaming companies. If the Spike Video Game Awards ceremony was broadcast live only on the Spike TV channel itself, viewing The Game Awards via streaming video services is available within the Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo Network, and Steam networks – in 2014 the number of users on these networks was about 100 million people. The first expert council to elect winners includes Hideo Kojima (head of Kojima Productions), Martin Trembey (head of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment), Peter Moore (executive director of Electronic Arts), Phil Spencer (head of Xbox at Microsoft), Reggie Fees -Eme (head of Nintendo of America), Sean Leiden (director of Sony Computer Entertainment America), Yves Guillemo (CEO of Ubisoft), representatives from Valve and Rockstar Games.


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