The Rainbow Six Major 2019 in Raleigh is ready to kick off in Raleigh Convention Center on August 12th. In this article, you can check out some of the most important information about the next big Rainbow Six Siege event.

Technical information

Although the big event, Six Major Raleigh 2019 is going to use a very simple format. It will feature 16 teams that are going to play throughout two Stages. The first one is the Group Stage which contains four GSL groups with four teams. When the Group Stage finishes, the best two teams from each group are advancing to Single elimination Play-offs. All matches are Best-of-3, excluding the Grand Final that is Bo5.

As the name suggests, the next Six Rainbow Major will take the place in Raleigh in Raleigh Convention Center. As said, the Group Stage is kicking off on August 12th, and the whole event will end on August 18th.

Teams are going to play for the $500,000 prize pool, which of the champion gets $200,000. At the moment, we know there will be English, French, Japenese, and Portuguese Broadcast channels. The main channel is Rainbow6 where you can watch the most interesting games.

Who is going to win the Major?

There are many great teams that are contenders for the main prize, but there is only one clear favorite for lifting the trophy, and that’s G2 Esports. The European team has been dominating the field at big events recently, as they won the last Major as well as Pro League Finals and Six Invitational 2019 that was the event with the largest prize pool so far in Rainbow Six Siege Esports.

Team Empire and Evil Genuises also have good chances for winning the title considering they had good showings in the last 12 months. Evil Genuises lost three Grand Finals in the last year and a half, and Team Empire won Pro League Season 9 and finished as runner-ups at Invitational event. On top of that, EG will have the support of the domestic crowd as they are American team.


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