Recently formed PUBG organization, TOP eSports successfully finished their run at PUBG Mobile Club Open with lifting the trophy and earning $180,000. On their way to the title, they showed excellent performance and outstanding game.

Prelims Stage

During Premils Stage, TOP eSports didn’t have the best possible results. Moreover, they had 104 points less than Purple Mood E-Sport who topped the group in the Prelims Stage. TOP eSports finished as the fourth team, but it was enough for them to secure a spot in Grand Finals where they were competing with other teams who directly qualified for Grand Finals.

Throughout 12 rounds in Prelims Stage, TOP eSports didn’t win a single time. They finished second twice and as the third time three times. On the other side, X-Quest F and Purple Mood E-Sport both dominated the field with four wins, but PME ended above XQF with two points more. Team Queso qualified for Grand Finals as the third team, and All Rejection Gaming joined mentioned teams as the fifth team with 185 points.

Grand Finals

It seemed like an additional four rounds in Grand Final really made a difference for Spring Split Global Finals champions. They performed decently in the first 12 rounds as they were second and forth three times. But their battle for title started in the last four rounds when they came out victorious two times. Additionally, they finished as third in Round 14 and as 5th in the last round. With all said, TOP eSports won Grand Finals with 20 points more than runner ups XQF.

Interestingly, Bigetron Esports were the winners of three different rounds but ended this event only in 5th place. This again shows us how cruel Battle Royal Esports can be.

For Spring Split Global Finals champions, this was the second appearance and it basically means they won 50% of tournaments they attended, which is a great percentage. Of course, the odds for them to keep this ratio are almost none. But, up to the next event, they can enjoy this title and $180,000 they took as a prize for the title.


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