CS:GO Americas Minor has ended recently with NRG Esports clinching their second Minor title in a row as they also won Katowice Minor early on this year.

Group Stage

NRG Esports came to CS:GO Americas Minor as a clear favorite and their dominant showing wasn’t a surprise. They kicked off in Group Stage against Team One on Inferno. Viewers had a chance to watch the one-sided game and absolute dominance of one team, NRG Esports. They crushed Team One conceding only five rounds.

Afterward, in Winners’ Match, NRG Esports met another Brazilian team, Sharks. Unlike Team One, Sharks showed a much better game and made the whole match more interesting. On the first map (Inferno), Sharks won the first half on CT side with the minimal advantage. However, NRG bounced back on their CT side as they came out on top after 30 rounds. On the following map (Nuke), NRG won the first half with scoreline 9-6. Although it’s decent lead, the job was far from finished as Sharks then moved to more favorable, CT side, but failed to achieve a comeback. Stanislaw led his team by an example and helped NRG to conclude the game in their favor to top Group A.


In Semi-final of CS:GO Americas Minor, NRG met FURIA Esports. Considering that FURIA failed to win their own group even though they were front runners there, these two teams faced each other before Upper Bracket Final. NRG had an easy task on Train (16-7), but the second map could go either way. Finally, after two Overtimes, NRG outlasted FURIA (22-19) to proceed to Upper Bracket Final. There, INTZ eSports was waiting for them, but they couldn’t stand a chance against the second-best NA team. NRG won both maps in dominant fashion, allowing INTZ to win 13 rounds in total (16-10, 16-3). In meantime, FURIA advanced to Lower Bracket final where they also managed to beat INTZ (16-5, 14-16, 16-6) to join NRG in StarLadder Major in Berlin.


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