Exhibition and Conference of Game Developers

Date: March 18-22, 2019, San Francisco, USA
Venue: USA, San Francisco
Exhibition Center: The San Francisco Exhibition Center (The Moscone Center)

GDC is an exhibition and conference for game developers. GDC attracts more than 17,000 game professionals and is one of the most important events for programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business executives, and other entertainment industry workers who gather annually to exchange ideas and discuss the future of the game industry.

  • GDC will display products in the following categories:
  • computer games
  • consumer goods
  • broadcast technology
  • information Technology
  • telecommunications

Under the same roof with the GDC exhibition, the IGF Games Festival will be held – one of the most significant competitive events for independent players, as well as the Game Developers Choice Awards. The following events will also be held at GDC: Annual Game Audio Network Guild Awards – Entertainment Audio Award, Annual Game Developers Choice Awards – Entertainment Game Award, a celebration of creativity, artistry and technological genius, Annual Independent Games Festival – an event based on 1998 game innovations in game development, Game Audio Network Guild Annual Town Hall Meeting – game professionals meeting on innovations, Game Career Seminar – a seminar for students and anyone who wants to build a career in video games. Major publishers and game creators will be present. Many new ideas at the GDC exhibition, showcase videos from their future projects, announce new games, show their achievements and share their experiences.


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