One of the biggest PUBG tournaments has finished with FaZe Clan winning their second big title this year. They were the last team standing in Round 8 and last Round 18 which brought $180,000 to them.

The brutality of Battle Royal Games

GLL Grand Slam PUBG Classic showed us once again how brutal Royal Esports can be. In this case, it really feels like NaVi should’ve won this event as they were victorious in four rounds, more than any other team. Moreover, except NaVi and Athletico, no team managed to win more than two rounds. However, NaVi had so many early ends, hence it was hard for them to top the group and clinch the title. They finished two rounds with no kills, and six times they had 2 kills or less.

Therefore, it’s more important to be more consistent than to win the most rounds in the Battle Royal Games. Furthermore, NaVi wasn’t even the second-best team. They finished GLL Grand Slam PUBG Classic behind Athletico who had one victory less, but slightly better stats overall. In the end, they had only two points more than NaVi.

Path of FaZe Clan

At the beginning of the event, it didn’t look like mxey and co. could finish this event successfully. The winners of PUBG Europe League Phase 2 were struggling at the beginning as they hardly won fourth place two times. But, then, in Round 8, their rise has begun. From Round 8 to Round 11, they won two 2nd places and one 1st place. Round 14 was a disaster for them as they dropped out first with no kills. But in the last four rounds, FaZe stepped up as they won 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 1st place, which made them GLL Grand Slam PUBG Classic champions.

This is the second title for them this year and they will add $130,000 to their bank account. Team Liquid won fourth place, G2 Esports claimed 5th place, and all other teams finished far behind the big five.


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