International Exhibition

International Exhibition
Dates: 13.06.2019 – 15.06.2019
Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center (Los Angeles, USA)
Theme: Amusement Rides, Entertainment, Gambling
Organizers: ESA Entertainment Software Association

E3 traditionally hosts large-scale press conferences from the largest gaming companies – Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Bethesda, as well as smaller presentations – for example, PC Gaming Shows, dedicated to PC as a gaming platform. In addition, throughout the exhibition, the public is literally bombarded with new trailers and gameplay demonstrations of games, and the noise does not abate for several weeks after it, while gamers and game publications discuss what they see and hear.

It is worth saying that the Electronic Entertainment Expo was first held in 1995. Initiative – IDG and Entertainment Software Association. Moreover, it was then that the release of the favorite Sega Saturn game console and the announcements of the PlayStation, Virtual Boy, and Neo Geo CD took place. Being at the height of progress, the event fell in love with gamers.

It is curious that from 2006 to 2008 it was held under the name E3 Media and Business Summit. The organizer of the ball is the same company: Entertainment Software Association (ESA). However, the exhibition was more focused on creators, publishers, and suppliers of digital entertainment, and not on end users – us.

Later, the event changed the format, reorienting to those who directly play video games. Today this is a grand show that gathers tens of thousands of gamers at the Los Angeles Exhibition Center. Moreover, their number is growing every year. Last year, 68,400 people arrived at E3. To accommodate a large number of guests, the organizers decided in advance to stretch the exhibition for three days.

Electronic Entertainment Expo is the largest exhibition dedicated to games for personal computers, portable consoles, and consoles. There are other events in the industry, such as the Tokyo Game Show, Gamescom, PlayStation Experience, Game Developers Conference and more. However, E3 stands out for scale. In three days, tens of thousands of players and dozens of companies involved in the development and publishing of video games have time to visit the exhibition. And this year will not be an exception.

Which companies will be present at E3 2019

As it is known, Sony, for the first time of its 24 years history is not going to come to the Electronic Entertainment Expo – E3 2019. At the event, the Japanese company not only will not hold their press conference but also the stands that they build to promote products at the exhibition will also not be present.
However, Sony’s direct competitors have already confirmed their participation and have promised much news.

We have much news for Xbox fans at E3 2019.
The exhibition is always one of the critical moments of the year, where you can see with your own eyes the creativity of the industry and the energy of the community.
Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox

Besides, their participation in the exhibition was confirmed by:

  • Activision;
  • Bethesda;
  • Capcom;
  • Konami;
  • Square Enix;
  • Take-Two;
  • Ubisoft;
  • Warner Brothers.

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