At BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard made many announcements. The Remaster of Warcraft 3 and the new characters for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm did not save the situation regarding the first trailer of the new Diablo mobile game. Shown to fans was Diablo Immortal which is a mobile game. Many people called it a copy of other slashers released on Android and iOS after seeing the trailer. Terrible trailer, which brought together almost 200 thousand dislikes (and only 4 thousand likes), as well as the constant removal of negative comments, does not help.

Fans took the new Diablo mobile game very negatively. According to many gamers, Blizzard presented “another soulless mobile toy, created only for the mass siphoning of money from fans of the series.”

First, Blizzard removed all the negative comments that collected several thousand likes. When it stopped helping, the company decided to reload the trailers shown at BlizzCon, thus “resetting” the video likes to counter. However, this did not stop gamers: a new video at the time of writing the news gathered 29 thousand dislikes and only 370 likes.

What kind of imaginary Blizzard projects would people like more: Diablo 4, the animated series in the Diablo universe, the Diablo comic series, MMO in the Diablo universe, a new character for Diablo 3 or a new add-on for Diablo 3. It is a pity that these are just dreams.


By the way, Diablo Immortal is not developed by Blizzard itself, but the Chinese studio NetEase. Some fans have already seen in the demo the similarities to a failed game for this other studio. For example, with Endless Of God. At one time, it was even called mobile Diablo!

Gamers around the world are very disappointed with the new Diablo, saying that the series has come to an end. Rumors about the announcement of the new part of the legendary game were partially truthful, while all the information leaks about the game tactfully avoided the fact that it would be a mobile game.


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