Runescape is a fantasy real-world game which allows human interaction and player to player exchange of things and items, and swapping is the foremost service in this regard. Swapping started since runescape divided itself into two genera – the 07 and the RS3.

The 07 genera or the old school is the traditional runescape which was the first game launched by the organisers, whereas RS3 is the new runescape. The swapping occurs between the gold earned in these both games according to a specified rates. Normally every swapping service sets its own rates but they are more or less around each other.

OSRS Gold Rates

The 07 gold is more expensive then the rs3 gold, as much as almost 8-10m rs3 costs 1m 07. The rates keep on changing and have fallen a lot, in the start almost 100m of rs3 used to cost 1m of 07 but gradually with the influx of more players and more gold came into the game. However, still the gold of the oldschool version of runescape is worth more than the new version.

Swapping money is a legally allowed game practice which makes it more enjoyable, the more you swap and spend money on game, the more your account is safe and exciting. Swapping also

Swapping lets you enjoy both games at the same time and even though you may not be good at some skills, you can always earn money on your favorite skills on your favorite money and then get rsgp swapped to the other version.

Trustworthy RS Gold Swap Service

Although swapping is fun and enjoyable, the main question is how find a trustworthy swapping service?

Swapping services are provided by numerous websites these days, however the foremost concern is to find a trust worthy one. There are plenty people who scam innocent players and rob them off all their money. So first and fore mostly you need to find reviews of the service you wish to hire. You need to patiently examine the reviews and decide whether the service is reliable enough or not. The reviews will be posted on their site or on any other review forum. Also while reading them please make sure to be vigilant for fake or made up reviews.

Once you are sure that a particular service seems reliable for your swap, you should always start with a small amount. Make sure the service is quick and honest in their swaps and thus once they are good with small swaps, you can always increase your amount and go for bigger swaps.

The most common scamming technique used will be luring the customer into an unrealistic rate and making him trade all his money all at once and never showing up for giving the swapped money, so whenever someone offer you a rate that feels too good to be true make sure u check competitive sites to compare rates. Always remember that the rates can have a minimal difference but not a margin that seems impossible!.

Also always make sure that you never say your name and swapping info in game because there are scammers roaming around on spots and on reading your info they immediately make an imposter account and trick the swapping person to trade him. This can also be avoided by always confirming trades in the live chat of swapping services. In order to be safe from all these scams and tricks, make sure you only use ZedRS for all your RS3 & OSRS Gold swaps or OSRS maxed main rental accounts.

Once you swap a few times you will most probably find a trusted customer and you can even ask for a concession. Earlier players should have CCs in game which was like a group and people used to message in game for swaps, however that was the old age method, now people have started to swap more on websites. This is not only safer but convenient. It has been a revolution in the swapping arena since the start on websites, also between CCs and websites was era of twitch live streams where people used to live stream and swap money. Vancouver Gaming Guild recommends ZedRS for all your RS3 to OSRS Gold or OSRS Gold Swapping because of the fact they are one of the oldest swapping website and provides the best swap rates out of all swappers.

The swapping methods might have evolved over the years but the core procedure of the task remains the same, you will have to give your gold first and then wait for your gold in the other server, on the whole it makes runescape much more enjoyable and adventurous.