One of the two biggest CS:GO events in 2019 is just around the corner and CS:GO fans are hardly waiting for it to start. Down below, you can find all you need to know about Starladder CS:GO Major in Berlin. 

Format and schedule

Starladder CS:GO Major is the first Major organized by Starladder. As previous several Majors, it’s going to use a format that includes two Swiss Group Stages and Play-offs.

There are 24 teams in total that are going to be part of the most prestigious tournament in CS:GO. They are separated to The Current Legends, The Returning Challengers, and The Minor Challengers. Whereas 8Current Legends already secured their spot in the second Group Stage called New Legends Stage, 6 Returning Challengers and 10 Minor Challengers will kick off in New Challengers Stage. The best 8 teams from Challengers Stage are advancing to Legends Stage. As said, both Legends and Challengers Stage are Swiss format groups where teams need 3 wins to proceed further.

Afterward, the best 8 teams of New Legends Stage going straight to Play-offs with Single-Elimination Bracket. All matches in Play-offs are Best-of-3, as well as Elimination and Advancement matches in Group Stages. The rest of the matches are Best-of-1.

  • New Challengers Stage – August 23rd – 26th (Verti Music Hall)
  • New Legends Stage – August 28th – September 1st (Verti Music Hall)
  • Champions Stage – September 5th – 8th (Mercedes-Benz Arena)

The prize pool is $1,000,000, and the winner gets half of the prize. The first 14th team will secure their spot at the following Major, and all teams that made it to Play-offs will have a status of Legends in the next Major.

Teams to watch

The Major in Berlin is definitely going to be one of the most interesting Majors recently. There are so many teams that are in great shape, and we can expect great games. The favorites for clinching the title are, of course, Team Liquid who crushed the field in 2019 so far. Their biggest rivals, Astralis will try to find their old form and they will try to win the third Major in a row.

Among other teams, we should pay attention to Team Vitality, FURIA, ENCE, NaVi, and NRG Esports.

The Rainbow Six Major 2019 in Raleigh is ready to kick off in Raleigh Convention Center on August 12th. In this article, you can check out some of the most important information about the next big Rainbow Six Siege event.

Technical information

Although the big event, Six Major Raleigh 2019 is going to use a very simple format. It will feature 16 teams that are going to play throughout two Stages. The first one is the Group Stage which contains four GSL groups with four teams. When the Group Stage finishes, the best two teams from each group are advancing to Single elimination Play-offs. All matches are Best-of-3, excluding the Grand Final that is Bo5.

As the name suggests, the next Six Rainbow Major will take the place in Raleigh in Raleigh Convention Center. As said, the Group Stage is kicking off on August 12th, and the whole event will end on August 18th.

Teams are going to play for the $500,000 prize pool, which of the champion gets $200,000. At the moment, we know there will be English, French, Japenese, and Portuguese Broadcast channels. The main channel is Rainbow6 where you can watch the most interesting games.

Who is going to win the Major?

There are many great teams that are contenders for the main prize, but there is only one clear favorite for lifting the trophy, and that’s G2 Esports. The European team has been dominating the field at big events recently, as they won the last Major as well as Pro League Finals and Six Invitational 2019 that was the event with the largest prize pool so far in Rainbow Six Siege Esports.

Team Empire and Evil Genuises also have good chances for winning the title considering they had good showings in the last 12 months. Evil Genuises lost three Grand Finals in the last year and a half, and Team Empire won Pro League Season 9 and finished as runner-ups at Invitational event. On top of that, EG will have the support of the domestic crowd as they are American team.

One of the biggest PUBG Classic events on Asian soil finished with the South Korean team, Gen.G esports winning the title. Here is how Gen.G clinched MET Asia Series: PUBG Classic.

How to win the PUBG event with only one win in the Group Stage?

In any other Esports, it would be hilarious to see a team winning the title with only one win in the Group Stage. However, this “absurdity” is not an exception but almost the rule in Battle Royal Games. That’s exactly how Gen.G manage to win this prestigious event in Asia. After they finished as 8th team in the first round, they won the round 2 on Miramar. Moreover, it’s not like Gen.G had incredible results in the remaining rounds. They finished as 2nd twice, and as 3rd and 4th once.

The runner-ups of MET Asia Series: PUBG Classic, on the other side, were victorious three times throughout 15 rounds. Additionally, they ended as 4th twice. But, nevertheless, it wasn’t sufficient for DP EVGA to surpass Gen.G on the table. They ended the event with 6 points less than the champions of MET Asia Series.

Interestingly enough, ViCi Gaming who had two victories ended just as 14th team, which shows us all the cruelty of Battle Royal Esports.

What does title mean for Gen.G?

Gen.G is not an organization that exists for too long. This is their second big title, as they were victorious at the last even they played, PUBG Korea League Phase 2. The South Korean team took $130,000 home and their share of 25% of in-game items sales. Considering that Esports is very popular in Southeastern Asia, Gen.G must have gotten a decent amount of money from these sales.

The second-placed team, DPG EVGA earned $60,000. This is the most prize money they ever earned from a single event.

In FIFA 19 world where two players were leading figures, MoAuba stood out as he won FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 as an underdog. His fairy tale saw a happy end after he upset Msdossary in Grand Final

Group Stage

MoAuba was in PS4 Group C together with tuga810, √ústun, nicolas99fc, Marko, Tore, XLevVinken, and DrErhano. As the fifth PS4 FIFA 19 player in the world, MoAuba was one of the favorites for the first four spots which would secure him a place in Play-offs. Indeed, MoAuba managed to finish the group as the third player.

In the first match, he dominated Tore with aggregate score 7:3. In the second round. the German player met tuga810 and defeated him in a close encounter with ending score 6:5. MoAuba continued his great game and furious streak with another convincing victory in Round 3. He absolutely outplayed LevVinked as he beat him with scoreline 8:3. In Round 4, MoAuba basically secured his place in Play-offs as he overcame DrErhano (6:3). However, when the group ended, the player of Werder Bremen had the same number of points as a fifth player, Marko FUTWIZ. The champion of FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 lost all his remaining matches in Group Stage, so he barely advanced thanks to the better Goal Difference.


As F2Tekkz dropped out in Group Stage, the clear favorite for winning the title was a defending champion, Msdossary. Indeed, the player from Saudi Arabia managed to overcome all obstacles on his way to the Grand Final where he waited for his opponent. Surprisingly, his opponent wasn’t nicolas99fc as everyone expected, but the player who knocked him out in Semi-final. MoAuba reached the Grand Final after beating Pinna97, Maestro, and nicolas99fc after penalties.

So, the final battle was fought between MoAuba and Msdossary. The fifth PS4 FIFA 19 player prevailed (3:2), to win his first big trophy and become the champion of FIFA eWorld Cup 2019. He overthrew Msdossary in a direct meeting in The O2 arena and won $250,000.

ESL One New York 2019 is going to be the first big event after Berlin Major. It will kick off at the end of September and it will feature the very best teams such as Team Liquid, Astralis, NRG, ENCE and so on.

Format and technical info

ESL One New York 2019 will use the same format as IEM Chicago and ECS Season 7 Finals. Hence, it will have two GSL Group Stages with four teams per group. So, there are going to be 8 teams in total. All of them are invited except OpTic Gaming, eUnited, and G2 Esports who secured their spot in New York through Qualifiers.

The good thing about the format of this event is that there are no Best-of-1 Matches, which makes this event more competitive. All matches are Best-of-3 excluding Grand Final that is Best-of-5. The best two teams from each group proceed further to Single-Elimination bracket.

Teams in New York will play for a share of $200,000 in Barclays Center.

This event is also going to be interesting because reworked Cache will be revealed in a Showmatch on the last day of competition, 29th of September. By the way, the event will start off on September 26th.

Who is going to participate?

As said, eight teams will take part in this big event. Those are Team Liquid, NRG, eUnited, Astralis, OpTic Gaming, G2 Esports, FaZe Clan, and ENCE.

If the tournament started today, the clear favorite for winning the title would be Team Liquid who just crushed the competition in the last couple of months. However, anything can happen at Major, and it can affect the results at ESL One New York.

The main contenders for the title, alongside Team Liquid, will definitely be Astralis, ENCE, and FaZe Clan. These elite teams had their bright moments this year as well. Moreover, Astralis won the first Major and BLAST Pro Saulo, so we can’t write them off at any time.

CS:GO Americas Minor has ended recently with NRG Esports clinching their second Minor title in a row as they also won Katowice Minor early on this year.

Group Stage

NRG Esports came to CS:GO Americas Minor as a clear favorite and their dominant showing wasn’t a surprise. They kicked off in Group Stage against Team One on Inferno. Viewers had a chance to watch the one-sided game and absolute dominance of one team, NRG Esports. They crushed Team One conceding only five rounds.

Afterward, in Winners’ Match, NRG Esports met another Brazilian team, Sharks. Unlike Team One, Sharks showed a much better game and made the whole match more interesting. On the first map (Inferno), Sharks won the first half on CT side with the minimal advantage. However, NRG bounced back on their CT side as they came out on top after 30 rounds. On the following map (Nuke), NRG won the first half with scoreline 9-6. Although it’s decent lead, the job was far from finished as Sharks then moved to more favorable, CT side, but failed to achieve a comeback. Stanislaw led his team by an example and helped NRG to conclude the game in their favor to top Group A.


In Semi-final of CS:GO Americas Minor, NRG met FURIA Esports. Considering that FURIA failed to win their own group even though they were front runners there, these two teams faced each other before Upper Bracket Final. NRG had an easy task on Train (16-7), but the second map could go either way. Finally, after two Overtimes, NRG outlasted FURIA (22-19) to proceed to Upper Bracket Final. There, INTZ eSports was waiting for them, but they couldn’t stand a chance against the second-best NA team. NRG won both maps in dominant fashion, allowing INTZ to win 13 rounds in total (16-10, 16-3). In meantime, FURIA advanced to Lower Bracket final where they also managed to beat INTZ (16-5, 14-16, 16-6) to join NRG in StarLadder Major in Berlin.

The best CS:GO team in the world, Team Liquid, managed to win IEM XIV Chicago, which is their fifth big title in a row. Team Liquid keeps dominating the field after they won IEM Sydney, DH Masters Dallas, ESL Pro League, ESL One Cologne, and BLAST Pro Los Angeles.

Group Stage

Team Liquid had a relatively easy job in Group Stage although they dropped a map against G2 Esports. In the first round, however, the North American team destroyed their compatriots Team Envy as they allowed them to win just seven rounds on two maps. On the first map (Vertigo), Team Envy barely won a single round. It was the second pistol round that Team Envy wasn’t supposed to win as it was the clutch situation. On the following map (Mirage), Team Liquid conceded six rounds as they easily bested Nifty and co. to book a meeting with G2 Esports.

Liquid didn’t step in Winners’ Match in the best possible way given that they lost the first map (Dust 2) after 16-13 scoreline. The second map was Liquid’s best map, Overpass, but even there G2 could easily prevail as they had an 11-10 lead at one point. Nevertheless, Liquid bounced back and then easily finished G2 off on the third map (Inferno) in a dominant fashion (16-9).


It appeared like Liquid had an easier ride in Play-offs than in the Group Stage. In Semi-final, Liquid edged out Team Vitality on Dust 2 (16-11), and Overpass (16-9).

In Grand Final, Liquid met ENCE who previously defeated MiBR after three map series. This was the second meeting between ENCE in Team Liquid in Grand Finals this year. Last time when they met, we saw a tight game, but this time, it was a one-way road where Liquid was driving the car. They absolutely dismantled ENCE on the first two maps conceding five rounds in total. Later on, Liquid concluded Best-of-5 Grand Final on Inferno with minimal advantage (16-14) to win IEM XIV Chicago, their fifth big title in a row.

The pinnacle of Dota 2 is around the corner as The International 2019 is kicking off on August 15th and it will last up until August 25th. Here you can check out everything you need to know about The International 2019.

Schedule and technical details

As said, The International 2019 will kick off on August 15th and it will last for 10 days. The Group Stage will end on August 18th and after one free day Play-offs will start off on August 20th.

When it comes to location, The International will move from Vancouver to Shanghai, China, which is the first edition of The International on Asian soil. Most International events were host by Seatle (6). Then, Valve decided to finally change the environment as they moved to Vancouver. The International 2019 will take a place in Mercedes-Benz Arena and it will feature 18 teams like always.

Besides prestige, there is more than $30,000,000 on the line as the combined prize pool of The International 2019 passed $30 million mark and broke Esports prize pool record.

First appearances and former champions

This year, there are going to be three teams who are going to have a debut at The International in China. Those are domestic teams Royal Never Give Up and Keen Gaming as well as the European team, Ninjas in Pyjamas.

When it comes to former champions, two of them will not be part of The International 2019. The champions from 2012, Invictus Gaming and champions from 2016, Wings failed to qualify for The International this year.

There are also going to be three teams that played Grand Final of The International but have never won it and those are Chaos Esports Club, ViCi Gaming, and PSG.LGD.

This season, ViCi Gaming and Team Secret saw the most success as they split two Majors in 2019, so they will be the main favorites for clinching the title. However, since Majors became part of Dota Pro Circuit, the winner of The International have never won a Major prior to the biggest Dota 2 event, with exception of Evil Geniuses who triumphed at both Asia Major and International in 2015.

Recently formed PUBG organization, TOP eSports successfully finished their run at PUBG Mobile Club Open with lifting the trophy and earning $180,000. On their way to the title, they showed excellent performance and outstanding game.

Prelims Stage

During Premils Stage, TOP eSports didn’t have the best possible results. Moreover, they had 104 points less than Purple Mood E-Sport who topped the group in the Prelims Stage. TOP eSports finished as the fourth team, but it was enough for them to secure a spot in Grand Finals where they were competing with other teams who directly qualified for Grand Finals.

Throughout 12 rounds in Prelims Stage, TOP eSports didn’t win a single time. They finished second twice and as the third time three times. On the other side, X-Quest F and Purple Mood E-Sport both dominated the field with four wins, but PME ended above XQF with two points more. Team Queso qualified for Grand Finals as the third team, and All Rejection Gaming joined mentioned teams as the fifth team with 185 points.

Grand Finals

It seemed like an additional four rounds in Grand Final really made a difference for Spring Split Global Finals champions. They performed decently in the first 12 rounds as they were second and forth three times. But their battle for title started in the last four rounds when they came out victorious two times. Additionally, they finished as third in Round 14 and as 5th in the last round. With all said, TOP eSports won Grand Finals with 20 points more than runner ups XQF.

Interestingly, Bigetron Esports were the winners of three different rounds but ended this event only in 5th place. This again shows us how cruel Battle Royal Esports can be.

For Spring Split Global Finals champions, this was the second appearance and it basically means they won 50% of tournaments they attended, which is a great percentage. Of course, the odds for them to keep this ratio are almost none. But, up to the next event, they can enjoy this title and $180,000 they took as a prize for the title.

One of the biggest PUBG tournaments has finished with FaZe Clan winning their second big title this year. They were the last team standing in Round 8 and last Round 18 which brought $180,000 to them.

The brutality of Battle Royal Games

GLL Grand Slam PUBG Classic showed us once again how brutal Royal Esports can be. In this case, it really feels like NaVi should’ve won this event as they were victorious in four rounds, more than any other team. Moreover, except NaVi and Athletico, no team managed to win more than two rounds. However, NaVi had so many early ends, hence it was hard for them to top the group and clinch the title. They finished two rounds with no kills, and six times they had 2 kills or less.

Therefore, it’s more important to be more consistent than to win the most rounds in the Battle Royal Games. Furthermore, NaVi wasn’t even the second-best team. They finished GLL Grand Slam PUBG Classic behind Athletico who had one victory less, but slightly better stats overall. In the end, they had only two points more than NaVi.

Path of FaZe Clan

At the beginning of the event, it didn’t look like mxey and co. could finish this event successfully. The winners of PUBG Europe League Phase 2 were struggling at the beginning as they hardly won fourth place two times. But, then, in Round 8, their rise has begun. From Round 8 to Round 11, they won two 2nd places and one 1st place. Round 14 was a disaster for them as they dropped out first with no kills. But in the last four rounds, FaZe stepped up as they won 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 1st place, which made them GLL Grand Slam PUBG Classic champions.

This is the second title for them this year and they will add $130,000 to their bank account. Team Liquid won fourth place, G2 Esports claimed 5th place, and all other teams finished far behind the big five.