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Author Topic: LFG: Experienced Player/GM; Kitsilano; 7th Sea, DnD, L5R and more.  (Read 474 times)

Games: nWoD, L5R, CoC, 7thSea, Deadlands, DnD, Pathfinder, any, all
GM or Player?: Both!
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« on: July 25, 2017, 05:11:37 PM »

Hello Vancouver!

I am new to the city from Calgary and am looking to connect with other role-players in Kitsilano and area. I have my own extensive collection of RPG material and can provide a suitable location to play in Kitsilano.
I am eager to play in any game and just as eager to run games as well; if you have ever been interested in any of the games in the list below, now is your chance! I also have a larger collection of board- and card-games to play as well.

I hope to find people to play with that are willing to commit to regular, scheduled sessions; bring a positive attitude to the game and the group; be excited about making friends, building worlds, and telling stories!

About me:
 - 38, married, work-from-home IT professional
 - Hobbies not related to gaming: food & drink, reading, systems and application development

Thank you!

Game library:
7th Sea, 1ed. (Core rules and additional source material)
Blue Planet, 2ed. (Core rules and all additional published works)
Call of Cthulhu, 5.5e (Core rules, companion books, additional Arkham County-centric material)
Deadlands, Revised (Core rules and enough books n' box sets to break a mules back!)
Dungeons & Dragons, 5ed. (Core only, I have home-brew worlds for DnD)
Legend of the Five Rings, 4ed. (Core, additional source material, including 2ed. clanbooks for lots of flavour!)
World of Darkness, New (Core, Vampire and Mage rules)


GM or Player?: Player
VGG Membership: No
Posts: 2

« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2017, 08:23:12 PM »

Hey Neil!

I have been looking to join a D&D group for a while now. I am a very new player, but I am super eager to participate and learn. I joined a group last year, and we met a couple of times, but after that the group sort of fell apart when people went on vacation, and we didn't meet regularly. So, I fully understand the point that you want people to commit! I live in Kits so I could definitely commit to once a week.

So, if you do manage to put a group together, please let me know, I'm super eager to try again!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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