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Author Topic: Pro Tour Qualifier Gatecrash @ Magic Stronghold Games  (Read 5355 times)
Magic Stronghold Games

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WWW Awards
« on: October 25, 2012, 08:28:19 PM »

Registration from 9:00-9:55
Start time 10:00

Entry Fee: $35 (Each player recives 6 packs of Return to Ravnica to construct a Sealed Deck with.)
Number of rounds based on attendence with a cut to a top 8 draft


Winner recieves a flight to Montreal and an invitation to Pro Tour Gatecrash*
Additional prizes to top 40% of competitors

Side events:

Stronghold Draft challenge AKA The Sorry you Scrubbed Out of the Main Event Challenge - Part 1

Modern Magic
Start time: End of round 4 (approximetly 4:30)

Prizes (based on 20 players):
Players will be able to pick one card out of the 18 cards in the Commander's Arsenal (1st place gets 1st pick, etc.)

Stronghold Draft challenge AKA The Sorry you Scrubbed Out of the Main Event Challenge - Part 2

Return to Ravnica Booster Draft
Start time: End of the swiss (approximetly 8:30)
$20 ($10 with your own packs)

Players will be divided into draft pods and do a 3 pack booster draft

Prizes (based on 20 players):
1st - $100 store credit
2nd - $50 store credit
3rd/4th - $25 store credit
Prizes will increase if more than 20 players enter. 

8 Man Drafts

Return to Ravnica Booster Draft
$15 ($5 with your own packs)
1st - $20 store credit
2nd - $10 store credit
3rd/4th - Booster of Return to Ravnica

4 Man Commander Pods

Anytime you kill a player, you get 2 boosters of Return to Ravnica


The Head Judge for this event will be Niko Skartvedt.
If you are interested in judging, contact Max Knowlan (Maxknowlan at or Facebook: Max Knowlan)

*For more information about Pro Tour Qualifiers and the Pro Tour, go here:
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